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Lying on the Yellow Line

When I made my plans to return early to Portland this past summer, my housing arrangements required a not inconsiderable daily commute to and from campus from the Commune in NoPo.  Thanks to Portland’s first rate public transportation option, even … Continue reading

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Quilting Queen Bee (as in B for Barbara)

One of my secret guilty pleasures is hand work, as in knitting and needlepoint.  You’ll be forgiven if you’ve never seen me engage in this type of activity – it usually manifests itself in  long lonely stretches like graduate school … Continue reading

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A summer in NoPo aka The Commune

When I received the request from PSU this past April to teach in summer school (thereby returning home early and shortening my ELF assignment by a month), I was in a bit of a dither.  So I talked it over … Continue reading

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