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Imperial Vienna

I was going to write this post while I actually was in Vienna, last Tuesday the 22nd to be precise, but then writing an entry about my indulgent meanderings amid glorious historical civic monuments seemed horribly misplaced in the aftermath … Continue reading

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Bucolic Bavaria

I’m in the home stretch of this most recent jaunt, and in order to meet my outbound plane in Budapest on this coming Thursday, I needed to cover some serious ground. So yesterday I spent nearly ten hours on four … Continue reading

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Like a phoenix, Dresden rises…but with baggage…

Dresden was a last-minute addition to my trip itinerary based on the unavailability of friends in Munich during this time period. But there were and are many reasons why I’ve wanted to visit, starting with having read Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five … Continue reading

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What would Kafka say?

First off, I’m back in business, camera-wise at least. Seems I have a bad charger and in addition with a little laying-on of hands with the memory card, we’re up and running for the moment. Second, I’m just finishing up … Continue reading

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(Cough, sputter) unexpected technical difficulties

Mortensen’s first rule of travel is that one should never take anything on a trip that one is not willing to either lose or have broken in some way. Yesterday this rule was invoked over my poor little camera, which … Continue reading

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Cesky Krumlov

I thought I was going to love this place, really I did. The efforts of the Czechs, after the Velvet Revolution, to restore this amazing place (a majority German town until World War II) to its historic and architectural glories … Continue reading

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Trains and buses

Although there’s more to write about Budapest (and I certainly hope to do so), today I said “Farewell” to the city of paprika and langos and started my journey up into the Czech Republic. The train station from which I … Continue reading

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Budapest Day 3

Today I headed up to Budapest’s Castle Hill, one of the city’s “must do’s.” The Hungarians themselves say: “The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has listed the view of the Danube embankments and the Buda Castle District – which is one … Continue reading

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Budapest, Day 2

I really don’t know how I manage to pack so much into a day when I’m traveling. It must somehow be related to one of Einstein’s theories of relativity and the relationship of space and time. Normal days back home … Continue reading

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Ah, BOO-dah-pesht….

Yes, it’s true. I’ve gone and flown across the pond yet again, wreaking havoc on my otherwise pristine carbon footprint. But since job timing and clever budgeting have managed to conspire in my favor for once, I’ve prevailed upon J … Continue reading

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