(Cough, sputter) unexpected technical difficulties

Mortensen’s first rule of travel is that one should never take anything on a trip that one is not willing to either lose or have broken in some way. Yesterday this rule was invoked over my poor little camera, which decided at about 4:00 pm that it had had enough and called a sit-down strike. Basically the lens is refusing to open and close, which could be caused (a quick Google search tells me) by any manner of things: dead batteries (even with recharging), or even gunk from the camera case getting into the lens and making it stick. So the first order of business today is to head to FotoSkoda, a short walk away, and either fix the little guy or buy my third camera in just over a year.

Because yes, folks, a similar thing happened last year, and I think on exactly the same day, March 11th, when I was touring Torun, Poland with my friend Magda. That time the problem was really clear – I dropped the damn thing lens down on the  flagstones of Torun’s charming but unforgiving streets. But since I am only just over a week into a three-week trip and since I just love taking pictures and nattering on about them, I guess some of my unexpected tax refund is going to go to Nikon or Canon or Fuji. Stay tuned. Oddly, Magda is showing up – today – to spend the weekend with me. I’ve decided she is the Camera Curser.

Yesterday I bid farewell to Cesky Krumlov (from here on after, CK) and traveled by bus to Ceske Budejovice (Buddha-yo-VEE-che), where I spent a pleasant hour touring this interesting little burg while waiting for the next leg of my journey. Not really on anyone’s tourist agenda, it has a lovely large main square and some very interesting sculptures and shops. Next time I’ll stay here and make the 30-minute trip to CK by bus for the day. Then onto the train for the 2 1/2 hour ride to Prague, and thence to my hotel, which is fabulous. It’s a stunning Art Nouveau classic that has been updated but keeping/incorporating a number of the features of the period.

So, keep your fingers crossed that I’m back in photographic action soon.

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2 Responses to (Cough, sputter) unexpected technical difficulties

  1. Rachel says:

    Third camera in a year? Too bad. I think you should pick a brand and product test for them at this point! I hope you’re back in photo action soon!

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