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The Search for Uncle Bob

“Spoiler alert” – since I won’t be traveling for a while (and since the muse goes a little dark when I don’t), the next few blog entries will probably be chapters in progress for the book/memoir I’ve been chewing on … Continue reading

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“I’ll be home for Christmas…if only in my dreams…”

One of the reasons I love traveling in Europe during the first two weeks of December is that the holiday decorations have recently gone up, the Christmas markets have just opened, and people tend to have a generally positive air … Continue reading

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Like a phoenix, Das Berliner Schloss rises again…

I told my dear friend Rachel that I wouldn’t be blogging much from Berlin, that I had been here twice before, that I would be too busy stuffing my face with strudel, walking endlessly though Berlin’s charming neighborhoods, and (of … Continue reading

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East and west – A last look at Lithuania

The day I left Vilnius for Berlin, I took one last walk around the Old Town. As you can probably tell, this little burg has stolen my heart, and I hope to return before too long. This set of signs, … Continue reading

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The bravest person I know

During my time in Batumi, Georgia, I met a number of strange and wonderful expats from a variety of countries, mostly young and full of piss and vinegar. I remember with great fondness one night listening to young Ukrainian and … Continue reading

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More adventures in Vilnius

Okay, that last post on the Jews was a bit heavy, but as I just said to someone in an email, it demanded to be written before I could move on to anything else. I believe that these stories must … Continue reading

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Jews in Vilnius

WARNING: THIS IS NOT A HAPPY OR FUNNY POST. IF THIS TOPIC DOES NOT INTEREST YOU, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ALONG TO ONE THAT MIGHT. As I travel about Eastern Europe, I spend a great deal of time paying my … Continue reading

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Vilnius is “quirky,” said the NYT…

…and of course that’s exactly the kind of thing to get my juices flowing. Ostensibly, the purpose of this trip to Lithuania is (ahem) research on the memoir I’m writing about Uncle Bob, but that photo will probably take 15 … Continue reading

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Budget travel zones

This trip, I’ve decided to see how low I can go – in terms of ticket prices and weight carried. These things are connected, but we’ll get to that in a minute. For this latest trip to Lithuania and Berlin … Continue reading

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