There IS a god…

Miracle of miracles, the little bakery downstairs (run by a lovely pair who play Arabic music) *has free wifi.* I am saved. I am sitting there now with some decent coffee and a strudel of some kind. I don’t know how long this place stays open in the evening, but they ARE open this morning, which is a German holiday. This bodes well for my internet access (but probably not for their health).

Thanks to you dear ones for expressing concern on my wifi meltdown and echoing my discomfort. In truth, I did indeed feel good bit of anxiety last night when I thought I had no way to reach anyone or anything. We are so totally dependent on these devices now….

Today, a beautiful sunny cool spring day, I’m heading over to have lunch with my buddy Kurt. He is back from a longish trip to Laos and a quick run to Batumi, so much to discuss. Then back home to homework. Because today IS a holiday, they gave us twice as much….



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2 Responses to There IS a god…

  1. Janet Stebbins says:


  2. rdrummond23 says:

    Hooray for internet and strudel!

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