New name, new game

Dear Readers,

By now you’ve seen a picture of the Brandenburg Gate at the top of this blog for some time. This has reflected, as I’m sure you’ve surmised, my deep regard for this particular city and my hope to spend more time here, even though the blog name reflected my former cities of Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine. Well, sometimes dreams actually do come true, and I have one of these to share with you now. My dear spouse and I have acquired a permanent perch in Berlin and I am now able to settle in, put down roots, and really try to gain some kind of control over German declensions. So I am not starting a new blog yet, but just changing the current name to reflect my new venue and the happy opportunity to begin to make this fascinating urban landscape my own.

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2 Responses to New name, new game

  1. Looking forward to the stories and pictures!

  2. Kathleen Banebey says:

    May your fairytale continue! xo

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